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Our pledge to support nursing professionals

We know how important it is to support nursing professionals when they need it most. That’s why Thornbury Nursing is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

We are a founding member of their ‘Working with’ programme, and fundraise for the Trust as well as donating money to it every year.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust supports UK nurses, midwives and HCAs, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship, often due to illness, disability, older age and domestic abuse.

Total raised so far

The need for support

Nurses are the vital backbone of our healthcare system, doing difficult work under great pressure for the benefit of us all. In 2016, we were shocked to find that nursing professionals are twice as likely as the public to suffer financial hardship. Worryingly, they are also three times as likely to suffer domestic abuse. This is appalling and we’re taking action.

From simple, essential support like money to repair a broken cooker or boiler, to vital life changing aid like helping a family flee their home due to domestic abuse, Cavell Nurses’ Trust is here to help.

In 2016, almost 2,000 people asked for help – 36% more than in 2015. It’s clear there’s an increasing need for nurses to access our support.

The difference we make

Of the people helped in 2016:

  • 88% said the support they received positively affected their physical health
  • 96% said the support positively affected their mental health
  • 83% said the support they received helped them get back to, or stay in, work

Getting people back on their feet increases their emotional strength and overall well-being, helping them return to or stay in the career they love. And with a shortage of nurses in the UK, this is vital.

If you would like to make a donation to a nurse in need, visit our Just Giving page #HereForNurses