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A faster way to request shifts

Our online Quick Nurse app makes it simple and quick for you to request new shifts. As soon as you make a request it immediately appears on our system, and our teams start searching for the right candidate. Quick Nurse also tells you when your shift has been filled.

With Quick Nurse you can also monitor shift fill rates in real time, access nurse profiles and view compliance information tailored to the requirements of your Trust. Our workers also use Quick Nurse to manage their availability and view outstanding shift requests.

Why use Quick Nurse?

  • Request new shifts at the touch of a button
  • Know your requests are dealt with immediately
  • See when a shift is filled
  • Access your shift request history – past, present and future
  • Instantly access nurse profiles, tailored to your requirements – great for audits or out- of-hours requests
  • Access management information to see just how quickly we fill your shifts

Quick Nurse is easy to use and, most importantly, quicker than calling us, particularly during busy times. Your requests reach our nurses sooner, and our nurses are able to get to you more quickly.

Don’t have a Quick Nurse account? Call your local office and they will set one up for you.