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Our CQC registration enables us to take short-term governance for care provision, whilst our staff are in place. This means we can offer you the reassurance you’ll need to partner with us.

Thornbury is delighted to form strategic partnerships with other complex care providers. These arrangements ensure our healthcare partners:

  • Meet their contractual obligations to third parties and avoid reputational risks. We quickly put staff in place to back-fill sick leave, holidays, and other staff absences, so business continues as usual. Our ability to respond swiftly is welcomed by all parties
  • Achieve rapid staffing/recruiting solutions to secure new areas and win business opportunities. Partners gain a competitive edge by being the first to market, fast to respond and successfully meeting local needs
  • Avoid having to send their clients to hospital. We can provide additional specialist nursing staff to manage periods of clinical instability when it’s safe to do so

Case study

One of our care provider partners needed time to mobilise their own staff. They turned to Thornbury to facilitate the same-day discharge of an elderly male patient. Once they had a safe and secure resourcing plan in place, care transitioned back to our partner.

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