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Our support packages don’t just tick boxes

Thornbury has a deep understanding of the requirements of Case Managers, case management companies, insurers and their clients. We can put all this knowledge to work for you – right across your caseload.

Whether it’s ‘high touch’, complex care, 24/7 care for life, or those cases other agencies won’t touch, we’re on hand to provide the right help at the right time. And we’ll provide a rapid response for all your ‘losing sleep’ cases.

Our staff are highly skilled in delivering care for insured patients and others in receipt of long-term compensation payments:

  • Clinical assessments
  • Development of bespoke, client-specific care plans
  • Ensuring complex care is available in the home
  • Providing high-quality live-in homecare, including respite care for families
  • Palliative care and end-of-life treatment
  • Supporting family and person-centred care
  • Enabling family time, in or out of the home
  • Helping young people to access education
  • Post-operative and rehabilitation care
  • Support to patients living with lifelong brain or spinalinjuries
  • Travel assistance

Case study

A Case Manager asked us to discharge a patient from hospital following many years of treatment after a catastrophic car accident. Our nurses worked with clinicians and the Case Manager to move the service user home quickly while a longer-term package was being designed and put in place.

Afterwards, the Case Manager continued to use our services on an ad hoc basis to fill any gaps that appeared in the longer-term care package.

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