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The right help. Fast. When you need it

If you’re trying to work your way through those time consuming ‘losing sleep’ cases, Thornbury can help provide qualified, registered nurses and/or carers. We can support you with any situation, including delivering respite care and supporting cases other agencies won’t touch – the complex and the highly acute.

We’ll never let you down. That’s a promise. And if you need short-term cover while you make permanent arrangements, we can help with that too.

Anywhere and everywhere

Our staff operate in areas other agencies don’t. No matter where, town or country, on the mainland or islands, wherever you need our support. So if a client needs care at home, and they happen to live in a remote rural area, we’ll be right there. For as long as you want.

Socially or medically complex? Not a problem

Our staff work in all areas of social complexity – for example, where the family dynamic is challenging or where illicit drug use may be involved.

In medically complex cases, our staff can step in and offer treatments and care at home when others can’t. For example:

  • Tracheostomy and ventilation
  • Cough assist airway clearance
  • Physiotherapy routines
  • Airway management
  • Bowel and bladder management

Back-filling failed supply

We can, and do, back-fill failed supply when others haven’t been able to deal with the complexity of the package. We do this quickly and flexibly.

Person-centred care – always

We’re more than a unique database of qualified nurses and carers offering unrivalled flexibility and speed of service delivery. Our staff care. They take a family-centred approach and put supportive measures in place wherever needed. They are also able to support young people to access education.

Case study

A remotely located CCG had challenges recruiting nurses, mainly because of the difficulties around the daily commute. The shortage of staff created a particular problem for a service user who required round-the-clock support and 100% shift coverage. Thornbury was asked to facilitate an interim care package while local nurses were recruited. Our staff worked with the hospital team to move the service user home. They then made sure all shifts were covered until the service user was successfully handed over to the locally recruited nursing team.

If your needs are urgent, please call us on 0333 323 1913 or email