Palliative treatment and end-of-life care

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Quality of life care

Given a choice, few people with a life-limiting illness want to spend more time in hospital than necessary. And, for people diagnosed with six months or less to live, many hospices aren’t close enough to home, or just don’t have the capacity to care for them.

When private clients want to be treated and cared for at home and enjoy the best quality of life possible, we can make it happen. We’re able to provide the medical care needed in pain management, medication, and holistic end-of-life treatments. And we’re on hand for as long as you need us – with days, weeks, or months of support.

From carers to nursing staff

Our resources, together with an extensive database of outstanding staff, mean we’re flexible enough to cater for changing needs. We can switch from carers to nursing staff and back as required, making Thornbury a cost-effective provider.

We help medically, practically and emotionally

  • Enabling people to spend more time quietly at home with loved ones
  • Moving clients from hospital to home quickly and safely, with flexible and appropriate clinical supervision
  • Supporting people to maintain their comfort and dignity
  • Always respecting family dynamics
  • Managing syringe drivers
  • Managing breakthrough pain

Case study

Staff from Thornbury were asked to care for a terminally ill man in a small village in South West England. The family knew their father wanted to spend his final weeks in his own home rather than anywhere else. But they were also worried about the consequences of moving him out of the hospital.

We were able to fulfil his wishes while reassuring the family their father was receiving the best end-of-life treatment and care. Caring for him 24/7 also meant the family were able to get some rest and find time to get other things done.

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