Short-break (respite) care

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For just one day or as long as you need

Thornbury is delighted to offer this service to privately-funded and CCG-funded clients.

Our staff are available for just one day or for as long as you need. They can enable family carers to have a break, or just catch up on sleep. And these arrangements can mean our staff accompany the patient (and their family) on holiday or stay at home with the patient while others are away.

How does the short-break care service work?

Using a carefully vetted and experienced Thornbury carer (or registered nurse) to provide cover means:

  • Family carers can take a break and get away to rest and recharge. And our care package can be offered at the family home or their holiday destination
  • Full-time professional carers also need a break and time out. A Thornbury carer (or registered nurse) will effortlessly step-in and make sure everything at home runs smoothly according to the usual routine

The carers and nurses on our books have a range of specialist skills, from dementia care to looking after clients with brain or spinal injuries. So, whatever combination of support and duration of care you need, you can rely on us to help.

Case study

Thornbury nurses were able to help a family’s wish come true for their daughter to join classmates at the annual school holiday camp. The girl had complex clinical needs, including a tracheostomy. Our nurses initially worked in the service user’s home. They then travelled with her to camp to ensure all her medical needs were safely met.

The Case Manager was also delighted. She was able to tap into our services to cover just the short period required for the camp.

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