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Our frequently asked questions around COVID-19


  1. Will I still be paid on time?

Yes. We are running our usual payroll service and all current pay dates and timesheet submission deadlines continue to apply. Please ensure you are submitting your timesheets via email and do not post or bring them into the offices as we will not be around to process paper copies.


  1. My training course has been cancelled. What should I do?

It is likely that most of your training courses will be cancelled as we adhere to government advice. We will endeavour to rebook you onto the next available course as soon as possible. We appreciate that for some of you, this may not be possible and will mean falling non-compliant and being unable to work. So, for the duration of the COVID-19 situation, we have set up the following training alternative. You should instead complete an online basic life support and/or manual handling course through one of our verified training partners before you can work again. The information about these courses will be given to you at the time. We will pay for the online course but will retain your practical course deposit until we receive evidence you have completed the online training. We will then reimburse the course deposit. Please note you will be required to complete a practical training course once the COVID-19 situation has passed.


  1. If I attend basic life support training, will I still be required to participate in resuscitation assessments?

We have contacted all our trainers and training providers to confirm that they are revising their basic life support training assessments in line with COVID-19 Resus Council guidelines.


  1. I need to submit updated documents to get compliant. What should I do?

Please avoid coming to any of our offices to produce documentation – we may not be around. The same applies for posting any documents to us. If we’re not available to receive these documents, they will be returned to you. The quickest way to get any documents across to us is to send a photograph or scanned copy to We will need to see the originals of these documents at a later date but we are happy to make temporary exceptions to ensure we can get you working quickly.


  1. I want to book a shift but can’t get through to the call centre team. What should I do?

We expect our telephone lines to be particularly busy as we continue to support the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak. We would encourage you to use Quick Nurse to book shifts in the first instance.


  1. I haven’t received my NMC renewal fee

Our absolute priority during this time is to ensure our nurses are paid, on time, for the work they do. This may mean NMC bonus payments are delayed. If you have still not received your bonus after 14 days, please email


  1. I haven’t received a shift bonus that I was owed?

Our absolute priority during this time is to ensure our nurses are paid, on time, for the work they do. This may mean any discretionary bonus payments are delayed. If you have still not received your bonus after 14 days, please email


  1. When should I self-isolate?

Government guidance on self-isolation is updated daily. It is more important than ever that you stay updated with the latest Government advice on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and self-isolation guidance to prohibit the further spread of this virus. We recommend you sign up to the daily email alerts to ensure you don’t miss out.

Remember, if you, a member of your immediate family or anyone you have been in close contact with has recently returned from any of the specified countries or areas, then you must follow Government advice and self-isolate, if necessary.


9. Is there financial support for nurses who cannot work due to self-isolation?

Some of you have permanent posts as well as working for us, and some nurses will also have insurance cover for periods when you may not be able to work. We are also aware that not everyone does. We know that you are worried about having to self-isolate or becoming ill as a result of COVID-19, or even being out of work to care for loved ones who have contracted COVID-19 and the financial impact this will have.

If you do not have access to any financial support or insurance and you are unable to work due to COVID-19, there are a number of options available to you, in addition to support measures the government may put in place.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust

Remember, support is also available from our friends at the Cavell Nurses’ Trust. Sadly, their telephone service isn’t available at the moment but you can still complete a financial support application online or email if you’d rather speak to someone. If you notice that a colleague is feeling the strain, emotionally or financially, please tell them about the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, they are here to help.