COVID-19: financial support and benefits

There are two main benefits that you may be entitled to receive:

  1. Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
    • Available from day 1 of illness (not the usual day 4)
    • Payable if staying at home on government advice (not just if you are affected by COVID-19
    • The benefit pays £94.25 per week for up to 28 weeks

You can read more about SSP here.

2. Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
• You can apply for this if you are not eligible for SSP
        • You can apply for up to 3 months before the end of your SSP benefit (if applicable)
        • It is possible to have this alongside universal credit
        • You are not eligible for this support if you have savings/investments over £16,000
        • ESA is paid every 2 weeks
        • You can apply for a budgeting loan if you are on ESA for at least 6 months
        • If able you can work for up to 16hrs / earning £131.50 per week and still claim ESA

You can read more about ESA here.

Stay up to date with the latest NHS COVID-19 guidance here.