Coronavirus thermal testing for employees

Thermal testing

A primary symptom of COVID-19 is a high temperature of above 38˚ C. Our specialist nurses are trained in conducting touchless temperature checks on-site, ensuring any employees who have relevant symptoms do not enter the office.  This non-invasive procedure is widely popular with many businesses, looking to ensure the safe and speedy return of staff.

How does it work?
  1. Our nurses will be positioned at office entry points with a medical-grade, touchless thermometer, appropriate PPE and alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  2. Employees will be asked to consent to a touchless temperature test before entering the workplace. If an employee refuses to be tested, they will not be admitted to the workplace, on the basis that they could be a risk to their colleagues.
  3. If an employee’s temperature is above 38°C, they will be asked whether they have any flu-like symptoms (coughing, shortness of breath, fever or anosmia). They will also be asked whether they may have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with or is presumed to have, COVID-19.
  4. Employees with temperatures at or above 38°C, or who answer “yes” to any of the screening questions, will be advised to return home, self-isolate, and contact 111 to discuss their symptoms, treatment options, quarantine requirements, and for an assessment regarding the next steps.
  5. For data protection purposes, test results must not be collected, recorded, stored, used or disclosed for any purpose aside from determining whether an employee should be permitted to enter the workplace.

Antibody and antigen testing

We also provide antibody and antigen testing solutions, helping you to identify whether employees currently have or previously had coronavirus. Read more about our antibody and antigen testing service here.

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