HCA Testimonial Videos

We spoke to a couple of HCAs about their experiences of working for Thornbury Nursing.  You can see the videos of what they said below:

We also have some nurse testimonial videos that you can watch.

HCA Testimonial – Beauty Phiri

Here’s what Beauty had to say:

“You get training every year.  Even in the pandemic, we’ve been doing training online.  You do manual handling.  All your training, you can update it and it can be done online so you don’t miss anything.  You don’t miss any of your training.

That’s very good to work for Thornbury from my point of view.  That’s my experience that I’ve found over the years with Thornbury and I’ve never gone without work.

I know people say that Thornbury is last minute but if you’re fully committed.  Well, I’ve been committed for 8 years and I can’t say where I’ve gone without work.  I always have work and that’s just being an HCA.

And I have got friends that are HCAs as well and we end up being like a team and we share shifts amongst each other.  Oh ok I’ve seen there’s work there.  What shift can you do?  And that’s all through Thornbury.

It’s a good community.  Everyone has been very supportive.  They do check how are you, how is work and everything.  Or if you have a problem with a client, you’ll find the team are very supportive.

All I can say is, anyone out there, come and join Thornbury!  You’ll love it!”

HCA Testimonial – Ayo Ajijedidun

Here’s what Ayo had to say:

“Turned out to be a bit more than I bargained for, but in a really good way.  It’s given me the opportunity to develop my skills and contributing to care plans, you know, positive behaviour support, things like that.

I also wanted to join Thornbury Nursing Services because I knew it would give me the opportunity to broaden my horizons, as far as working in different trusts.  The flexibility, the experience it offers and the pay rates.

Particularly if you believe that you deliver a high quality of care, it is nice to feel rewarded for that financially.”

HCA Testimonial – Fiona Pantling

Here’s what Fiona had to say:

I met lots and lots of lovely nurses that worked for Thornbury and encouraged me to sign up and I haven’t looked back since.

I absolutely love it because you’ve got the freedom to do hospital shifts, nursing homes, domiciliary.  You go into people’s homes and do 1-2-1 with them.  You get a good rapport with families, other staff members, people in the office.

Loads of my shifts fit around my little boy.  And also, when I had cancer and I phoned Thornbury, oh my goodness, I couldn’t get enough support from the people on the team.

Phone calls to make sure I was ok.  Did I need anything?  I couldn’t really ask for a better place to work for.”

You can view all of our video testimonials on YouTube here.  If these videos have convinced you to join us, please Register Now.