Shifts in my local area

Working for Thornbury is about embracing variety

We often receive questions from prospective applicants wanting to know if we have regular shifts available in their local area.

Whilst many agencies recruit locally to fulfil contractual agreements with local trusts, Thornbury Nursing is different.

We work with hospitals in times of need, when no other agency can support them. We do this by mobilising nurses from across the country, often at very short notice. We have a team of nurses available and ready to be deployed whenever they’re needed, often travelling miles and miles to support clients in some of the most remote parts of the country.

Working for Thornbury is about embracing variety. One day you could be working 5 miles from your home, the next day it could be 50 miles, so it’s important that you’re flexible. Explore the country, work in places you never thought you would, and meet new colleagues who will teach you things you never knew. In return, you’ll be paid the best rates around.

If you’re willing to take the next step in your agency nursing career, jump on board with Thornbury Nursing. We’d love to welcome you to our team and we’re certain you won’t regret it!

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