Flexible working

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At Thornbury Nursing, we know that traditional working patterns don’t suit everyone. We recognise, encourage and enable flexible hours and family-friendly working. And we’ve recently joined the Mumsnet Flexible Employer Programme, which focuses on helping businesses to share their learning and celebrate the policies and actions they take to achieve this goal.

”I didn’t work today so I could attend my daughter’s graduation”

Already, many of our employees plan their working hours to fit around other commitments, including childcare, caring for other family members, leisure activities, or professional training and education.

”I work nights so I can see my dad for a morning coffee”

If you’ve previously worked in the NHS or private practice as a registered nurse or healthcare assistant and have been unable to find the flexibility you need, we can support you. Our clients will be pleased to welcome you onboard – they value the talent, flexibility and experience you bring.

Looking for flexible work?

Wherever you live in the UK, if you’d like to find out more about working flexibly with Thornbury, call us on 0345 120 5252.