Nurse Testimonial Videos

We asked a couple of nurses to talk about their experiences of working for Thornbury Nursing.  You can see the videos of what they said below:

We also have some HCA testimonial videos that you can watch.

General Nurse Testimonial – Christiana Aiwekhoe

Here’s what Christiana had to say:

My favourite thing about being a Thornbury nurse is the fact that, whenever I go into any of the hospitals, seeing my uniform alone as a Thornbury nurse, they believe that wow she’s from Thornbury so she has that high standard of quality.  So I’m being respected whenever they see my uniform, so that’s basically why I actually joined Thornbury nursing.

Although there are a lot of good agencies, but I think Thornbury nursing is one of the top.

My recruitment process was quite straightforward. I just went online and saw the Thornbury recruitment icon, clicked on it and before you knew it, I got a call.

Wherever I got stuck, I just had to give them a call and they were straightforward in picking my calls.  But being with the Thornbury Nursing agency, I’ve been able to build my self-confidence.

You know, going into the ward, and seeing people with different issues and trying to solve it for them as a nurse in your capacity and then you see that smile on your face, it kinds of puts a fulfilment in me.  I feel fulfilled that I was able to put a smile on people’s face.

ITU Nurse Testimonial – Daniel Harrison

Here’s what Daniel had to say:

I chose to work for Thornbury Nursing, mainly for its reputation in recruiting highly skilled and passionate nurses and it’s a team that I aspire to be part of. I was also very interested in the way that you can book your shifts with Thornbury Nursing via the Quick Nurse app, which I find really easily accessible.

I found the candidate portal to be very useful, as I was able to just upload my documents and then track the process.

My favourite things about being a Thornbury Nurse are the flexibility that it offers by being able to book a shift, go to different intensive care units, pick up different skills and become a better nurse every day.

It’s also enabled me to work in different intensive care unit specialities, such as neurointensive care and cardiac intensive care units.

General Nurse Testimonial – Lola Akintayo

Here’s what Lola had to say:

My favourite aspect of being a Thornbury Nurse is the prestige that comes with that.  I receive this respect because they believe they’ve seen a nurse that can do the job effectively.  

Since working for Thornbury, I’ve learned a new clinical skill in medication management and also it has helped me to pay my bills because Thornbury does pay well and I benefit from that greatly.  

On a daily basis, I go to work to look after patients and at the end of the day, I see my patients progress positively because I have been able to give them person-centred care.

General Nurse Testimonial – Amy Lewis

Here’s what Amy had to say:

I joined Thornbury because I was struggling with my full-time job. I got a bit burned out.  I’ve only been with them for about 3 months but my stress levels have completely dropped.

My favourite thing about being a Thornbury nurse is I’m in control.  So I can literally look on the Quick Nurse app in the morning and pick a shift if I want to work.  I can spend more time with my family.  If I want to go out for the day, I don’t have to worry about booking annual leave because obviously, the shifts are all last minute.

I don’t get worked up thinking oh I’m on a long day tomorrow, because actually, I’m booking those shifts so I choose when I work and I choose where I want to work.

I found the recruitment process really easy.  It’s really good on the portal because you can see what’s outstanding and what you’ve got left to do and what’s complete.

The lady from recruitment who was dealing with me was really good because she phoned me to see if there was any help I needed.  But yeah, I think I was up and running within 2 or 3 weeks.  It was really easy.

Each day is different. You know, every job has challenges.  It’s going home knowing you’ve made a difference so if it is giving an elderly gentleman a shave or brushing an elderly lady’s hair or making a phone call to a relative, those make it all worthwhile. I love nursing and I wouldn’t do anything else.

Paediatric Nurse Testimonial – Hannah Smart

Here’s what Hannah had to say:

What I like most about working for Thornbury, is first of all I get to keep up my clinical skills, which is really important for me.

I do school nursing outside of Thornbury so it’s really important that I can go to the hospitals and work with children and help them in a hospital setting.

It’s also really really good pay and you get paid weekly as well, which is a real benefit.

I do feel that they really protect you as a nurse.  So for example, if you weren’t happy to work on a certain ward, or if you turn up to a ward and they want to move you to somewhere else, Thornbury are really able to protect you and you do feel quite valued.

Mental Health Nurse Testimonial – Caroline Holt

Here’s what Caroline had to say:

“The reason why I work for Thornbury primarily is because I really like flexible hours. In actual fact, I’m a bank nurse for the NHS and I say that Thornbury is my overtime, but in actual fact sometimes Thornbury really save the day. 

I also really like going to different places. I like to see what different Trusts do, how they provide quality care, and I like getting to support them.

I like the feeling that we can go and do something worthwhile and it’s, you know, it’s a great job in that respect. And I like to travel a little bit as well. 

So Thornbury pay their nursing staff very well. And the other side of that is that the expectations are high, that we work to a high standard. That suits me just fine. I really like that.”

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