Nurse Testimonial Videos

We asked a couple of nurses to talk about their experiences of working for Thornbury Nursing.  You can see the videos of what they said below:

We also have some HCA testimonial videos that you can watch.

Paediatric Nurse Testimonial – Hannah Smart

Here’s what Hannah had to say:

What I like most about working for Thornbury, is first of all I get to keep up my clinical skills, which is really important for me.

I do school nursing outside of Thornbury so it’s really important that I can go to the hospitals and work with children and help them in a hospital setting.

It’s also really really good pay and you get paid weekly as well, which is a real benefit.

I do feel that they really protect you as a nurse.  So for example, if you weren’t happy to work on a certain ward, or if you turn up to a ward and they want to move you to somewhere else, Thornbury are really able to protect you and you do feel quite valued.

Mental Health Nurse Testimonial – Caroline Holt

Here’s what Caroline had to say:

The reason why I work for Thornbury primarily is because I really like flexible hours. In actual fact, I’m a bank nurse for the NHS and I say that Thornbury is my overtime, but in actual fact sometimes Thornbury really save the day. 

I also really like going to different places. I like to see what different Trusts do, how they provide quality care, and I like getting to support them.

I like the feeling that we can go and do something worthwhile and it’s, you know, it’s a great job in that respect. And I like to travel a little bit as well. 

So Thornbury pay their nursing staff very well. And the other side of that is that the expectations are high, that we work to a high standard. That suits me just fine. I really like that.

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