Supporting you through Revalidation

Thornbury Nursing Services understand that the prospect of Revalidation can be daunting for many of our nurses and so we have been working hard to develop appropriate means of support that fit around our nurse’s requirements and lifestyles.

Who is meant to support me?

Did you know that your permanent employer can support you with your appraisal and completion of Revalidation? The benefits of completing your Revalidation portfolio with your permanent employer can give you access to appraisals and potential career development opportunities, so take advantage.

What are Thornbury doing to support me?

  • Revalidation section on Quick Nurse, our online nurse portal, with access to approved NMC forms and guides
  • Access to voluntary training courses
  • Revalidation meetings for our full time nurses
  • Revalidation Facebook forum exclusive to our nurses

“A heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Georgina, RN

“When Revalidation was first announced I had mixed feelings on how it would go. It seemed quite a challenging task. Now that I have been through the process it feels like a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders and this is mainly thanks to Thornbury who were very supportive and understanding throughout the process.
Monique and Douglas were outstanding and made things bearable for me by providing a confirmer and being there to support me. I found the reflective exercise the most challenging but the NMC samples were really useful and guided me on completing my own. I focused on events or situations I had experienced at work and how I overcome them to improve my practice. Thornbury Nursing really helped me through the process and I would encourage my fellow nurses to liaise with them for support.”

There are plenty of other reasons to join Thornbury too:

  • We offer the most competitive pay rates around
  • Free annual flu vaccine voucher
  • Paid travel costs so you’ll never be out of pocket
  • Access to high quality voluntary training courses
  • Nurse led call centre team, 24/7
  • Pay runs 4 times a week
  • Online booking system

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