About us

Thornbury Nursing Services – your trusted healthcare partner

At Thornbury Nursing Services, we help when no one else can. Our nurses provide exceptional, patient-centric care day and night, even in the most challenging circumstances. With over 40 years of experience, we empower NHS, private care organisations, and individuals to access expert care precisely when they need it.

Our reach

We support healthcare providers across England and Wales and uphold clinical expertise standards surpassing local regulations. Our nurse-led team intimately understands the healthcare sector’s challenges, offering a responsive and value-driven service, and prioritising people’s wellbeing.

Supporting our workforce

Recognising the dedication required for immediate or long-distance expert support, we provide our workforce with generous hourly pay rates, paid travel and toll costs, NMC reimbursement, and professional development training and support. We ensure our workforce is well-supported and committed to protecting patients and assisting their caregivers.

Our mission

To support health providers deliver the highest standards of nursing care when no one else can.

Our vision

To be the trusted provider of exceptional nurses to the NHS and private health sector, often at extremely short notice.

Exceptional nurses

We recruit only the best professionals who embody our ethos. Our nurses are flexible, highly experienced, and ready to travel long distances, often at short notice. Their dedication, commitment to nursing, and exceptional skills set them apart, making a significant difference in patients’ lives.

Diverse clientele

We collaborate with many clients across hospital and community settings, ready to respond to their needs anytime, day or night. Our clients include NHS trusts, health boards, ICBs, private hospitals, local authorities, care and nursing homes, GP surgeries, urgent care centres, individuals with complex health needs, and more.

Expert recruitment teams

Our recruitment is led by experienced registered nurses, ensuring we bring professionals with the latest, most relevant experience. We offer voluntary training, CPD, and PREP study opportunities, ensuring our nurses stay updated with the latest best practices and enhance their skills.

Quality and compliance

We prioritise quality care through robust governance, regular audits, and a dedicated clinical governance team led by our Quality Assurance Director, a registered nurse. We maintain a strong complaints and incidents process involving our nurses, clients, and relevant third parties for transparent and informed resolutions.

Led by specialist nurses

Our advantage lies in strategically placing appropriately skilled nurses at the precise moment and location. This is possible because our leadership comprises nurses with diverse expertise. They possess extensive clinical backgrounds covering adults, paediatrics, ITU, HDU, nursing homes, chemotherapy, mental health, learning disabilities, and theatres.

This breadth of expertise enables us to meticulously select and position high-calibre staff in appropriate clinical settings, and have insightful discussions regarding their specific agency worker requirements with our clients.

Our history

Established in Bristol in 1983, we’ve grown to support clients across England and Wales, covering urban and rural remote areas. This growth showcases our dedication to providing exceptional healthcare solutions. We now have offices in Bristol, Cardiff and Leeds.

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