Giving Back Programme

The past few years have been challenging for everyone, particularly those within healthcare. Thornbury Nursing, and sister company the Scottish Nursing Guild, would like to give back to the healthcare community, including patients and healthcare professionals who have worked tirelessly and selflessly to support hospitals and patients during this time. They have been a beacon of light for us all.

The Giving Back Programme supports our clients, healthcare professionals and the wider healthcare society by making donations to benefit healthcare charities and organisations.

Who are we supporting?

Community care

Providing care in exceptional circumstances, supporting final wishes, or funding bespoke equipment.

Training and development

Supporting our healthcare professionals by funding courses to further develop their skills and enhance the care they provide.

External sponsorship and donations

Sponsoring student nurses’ university fees, donations to local charities, or funding healthcare research.

“We are very privileged to provide such an important service to patients across the UK and Ireland and we’re delighted to be able to give something back to nurses and service users. We are proud to be developing nurses of the future, who will go on to care for thousands of patients over their career. Our giving back will make a difference to nurses and patients for years to come.”

Sara James
COO, Thornbury Nursing and Scottish Nursing Guild

It’s such an exciting opportunity to give something back, it makes me proud to be part of the Thornbury and Guild family. We can make a real difference.”

Kate Nicholson-Florence
Quality Assurance Director, Thornbury Nursing and Scottish Nursing Guild

What’s been happening so far?

Uncle Paul’s Chilli Charity

Uncle Paul’s Chilli Charity provides a unique experience. Young people and adults who may have experienced social disadvantages or barriers to learning or employment can enjoy an alternative environment to learn and develop new skills.

We’re proud to have supported this fantastic local charity to provide essential equipment. This will allow them to provide training to more individuals. Read more about this charity here.

Cian’s Kennels, Dublin

Cian’s Kennels is a charity that brings pets closer to sick children and their families. Based in Dublin, this ‘Pet Hotel’ provides temporary accommodation for dogs across Ireland. This allows them to be closer to the children who love them, who are receiving treatment in hospital.

‘Pet therapy’ has proven extremely beneficial to sick children and makes them feel more relaxed and closer to home. This is often during treatment for serious and life-threatening conditions.

We have donated to Cian’s Kennels to support their ‘Pet Hotel,’ transport of pets, and staff funds. This enables children to be closer to the pets they love so dearly, during a really challenging time in their lives. If you would like to read more about Cian’s Kennels or to make a donation, please click here.

The People’s Kitchen, Belfast

The People’s Kitchen Belfast began life as a soup kitchen, supporting homeless people throughout Belfast City. During the pandemic, their services evolved into a soup kitchen and food bank.

Since 2021, demand for their support has sadly doubled. The charity is in constant need of financial support and donations to ensure local residents and homeless people do not go hungry.

We have donated to the charity to help stock their foodbank and provide nutritional meals to those who would otherwise go without. If you wish to donate to this great cause, you can do so here.

RCNi online training

To support our nurses in continuing their education, we have given almost 1,700 RCNi Learning licenses, worth £54,000, over 3 years. This valuable online learning resource will help our nurses enhance their clinical skills and meet CPD requirements for revalidation.

RCNi Learning consists of 175 interactive learning modules covering 43 specialties. All content is evidence-based and peer-reviewed by industry experts to ensure it promotes best practice and is up to date.

The Prince’s Trust

We’re proud to be working with The Prince’s Trust to support young people in accessing a career in healthcare. Many young people are held back due to not having access to technology, being unable to purchase expensive course materials, or simply not being able to afford travel to college or university.

Our donation will support many young people facing these setbacks, who are pursuing a career in healthcare, via The Prince’s Trust. We are honoured that we can support the next generation of healthcare professionals who have a dream to look after others.

The Wave Project

The Wave Project is an amazing charity operating across the UK, supporting young people who are struggling to prove to themselves ‘’I can do it’’.

Through our Giving Back Programme, we are supporting The Wave Project to purchase an additional adaptive surfboard to offer surfing experiences to disabled children and adults. We are also funding disabled children and adults to have free surf sessions that they would ordinarily have to pay for. Our donation will also help set up additional surf clubs for children who are full-time carers, in the foster system, or experiencing mental health challenges.

These projects will make a huge difference to people’s lives and we are honoured to support this amazing charity. Read more about The Wave Project.

Teens Unite

Teens Unite is an amazing charity supporting those aged 13-24 who are fighting cancer. There are 2,555 new cases of cancer diagnosed in teenagers and young adults in the UK each year. Teens Unite provide social, emotional, and physical support that is vital to their recovery. They can come together with others their age who understand what they’re going through, and remember who they are as a person, not just a cancer patient.

We’re proud to donate to Teens Unite’s annual Summer Activity Stay. It brings 20 over 18s together for three nights away to enjoy different activities, learn new skills, challenge themselves, and gain confidence in a fun and positive environment.

Our donation will enable all teens to benefit from a series of relax and unwind workshops, including mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. These workshops will support the teens’ emotional wellbeing and equip them with tools to help them through their treatment, recovery and beyond.

City Hospice, Cardiff

In 2022, we donated 12 days of nursing care to the City Hospice in Cardiff – one day per month for the whole year. The City Hospice provides vital care for patients across the city, managing their symptoms and helping them to live life the fullest for as long as possible.

We are delighted to support them in doing this essential work. The photo shows Kerry and Maria from our Cardiff office visiting the hospice to meet the team.

Get in touch

If you would like to get involved with our Giving Back Programme, please send us an email.