Acute care

Quality nursing care at short notice  

Our specialist nurse teams keep vital services running seamlessly, supporting you in the face of unexpected staff shortages. For more than 40 years, Thornbury Nursing Services has been a dependable ally during challenging times, ensuring prompt and precise delivery of nursing professionals for better patient care.

Why choose Thornbury Nursing Services?

Quick response: Our fast response ensures we meet urgent coverage needs due to staff illness or last-minute shifts, ensuring continuous safety and care. Your patients’ wellbeing is our top priority.

Wide coverage: Supporting physical and mental health, we deploy skilled nurses, midwives, and HCAs to assist clients in cities, towns and rural areas across England and Wales.

Expertise: From managing sudden patient influxes on busy wards to supporting patients with challenging health needs, our nurses and HCAs have specialised skills to handle a wide range of healthcare situations with confidence.

Caring for our clients

Diverse client base: Our teams are highly adaptable, integrating seamlessly into any healthcare setting. We collaborate with NHS trusts, Health Boards, private hospitals, local authorities, ICBs, care and nursing homes, mental health and learning disability units, GP practices, and urgent care and walk-in centres.

Financial flexibility: Responsible financial management is crucial. We work with you to optimise costs, discuss booking restrictions, and set monthly budgets tailored to your unique needs and goals.

No long-term commitment: Flexibility is key. You can engage our agency workers without a minimum booking commitment. We’re there when you need us, whether for a single shift or a few weeks.

Delivering healthcare excellence

Our mission is to enhance healthcare quality by being a reliable partner during critical periods. With our agency workers supporting your team, you can focus on providing exceptional patient care, free from staffing worries.

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