Complex Care

Thornbury Nursing offers complex nursing care at home across England and Wales. Our specialist team of nurses and healthcare assistants support people of all ages at home or in community settings, from babies to older people with complex needs.

As well as working with private clients in England and Wales, we are proud to support the NHS, ICBs, local authorities, community teams, case managers and solicitors acting for their clients.

Care excellence whenever, wherever

We’re here whenever and wherever you need us, including at short notice to cover a family crisis or healthcare emergency.

Our experienced care teams support people with many physical and neurological conditions, including:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Complex childhood conditions
  • Motor neurone disease (MND)
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Spinal injuries
  • Unstable epilepsy
  • The care provided by our team of specialist carers can include clinical interventions including:
  • Bowel management
  • PEG feeding
  • Rescue and IV medications
  • Respiratory and airway support (including tracheostomy and mechanical ventilatory support)
  • Stoma and catheter care
  • We’re also able to support with palliative and end of life care.

What is complex care?

Complex nursing care (or long-term or continuing care) arises when specialist medical support is needed to help manage an ongoing health condition, including a physical disability or neurological impairment.

Our complex care services

Our highly skilled nurses safely and effectively care for service users in their homes and in community settings. They are able to work flexibly:

Filling gaps in staffing provisions

Covering planned or unplanned absences from annual leave or sickness

Supporting breakdowns in care provisions, either as an interim measure or on a longer-term basis

The right staffing, just when it’s needed

We work closely with service users and their care advocates to ensure that they are provided with the right staff at the right time, with the right skills, and for as long they’re needed – whether that’s four hours or 24/7.

Our complex care nurses have skills and experience in:

  • Airway management (including tracheostomies and ventilatory support)
  • Brain injuries
  • Central lines
  • Complex medication regimes
  • Continence management (including catheters and bowel management)
  • Nutritional support
  • Pain management
  • Palliative care
  • End of life care
  • Personal care
  • Seizure management
  • Spinal injuries
  • Wound management.

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Who do we support?

Our specialist nurses provide complex care services to adults and children across England and Wales – no location is too remote. This care can be provided in both homes and community settings. We’re also able to provide support at short notice to those waiting for hospital discharge, but who don’t have the full package of care in place, allowing them to return home while their care package is being completed.

A fast and reliable complex care service

Thornbury Nursing is well-known for being able to manage challenging and complex requirements at short notice. We can be with you in a crisis but are also here to help with mid- to longer-term needs.

So, if your regular providers are unable to support you, or if you’re dealing with a complex or challenging case, just get in touch with us. We’ll be there when no one else can.

Complex care case study

While a young client with complex care needs waited for a longer-term provider to arrive, we provided him with specialist nursing care to prevent hospital admission. He required support with mechanical ventilation, tracheostomy care, suctioning, seizure management, PEG feeding, bowel management, catheter care, and medication management. A core team of nurses provided care continuity and consistency and were able to reassure his parents that his care needs were being fully met.

Get in touch

Are you looking for high-quality complex care at home? Do you need support with hospital discharge so that someone can return to their community? Do you need nursing care for a service user in a socially challenging environment? We’re your solution.

Our nurses are true specialists in complex care, and are here for you whenever you need them, for whatever reason. Why not take the next step and speak with one of our team today?

For more information, please call our Community Team on 0333 323 1913.