Learning disability care at home

Thornbury Nursing provides person-centred learning disability care, emergency care, and support at home across England and Wales.

Whatever your needs, our specialist nurses and healthcare assistants are ready to offer the right level of support. Whether you’re looking for 4 hours of support or 24/7 care, we’ll be there, even at short notice.

Learning disability care for adults, young people and children

At Thornbury Nursing, we deliver learning disability care to adults, young people and children. Our nurses and healthcare assistants are highly experienced in providing care on both a one-to-one basis and as part of a team.

They work hard to encourage a person’s independence, confidence, emotional health, and social skills. By looking to enhance their overall wellbeing, our nurses and healthcare assistants help the people that they care for enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Our learning disability care and support services

Our support is available across England and Wales, in locations including:

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Residential and respite centres
  • Temporary accommodation

Our nurses and healthcare assistants are highly experienced in supporting people with many different needs and requirements, including complex behaviours of distress, mental health issues and other complex needs. They deliver flexible and tailored person-centred care that focuses on people’s strengths and needs, so that they are able to get the support that they need at the right time.

Who do we support?

At Thornbury Nursing, work alongside many different people and teams, including:

  • Local authorities and councils – we support by providing care to people in challenging situations. This is often when a family is in crisis or when their current care provision has broken down or is no longer suitable
  • Social workers – our team can liaise with community nursing teams or multidisciplinary teams to support people with complex care needs, respite care needs, or a learning disability
  • Case managers – we can deliver short-term – or interim – care provisions while a person’s care package is being finalised
  • Hospital discharge coordinators – we’re able to provide support so that people can be discharged from hospital at the right time with the right level of care
  • Service users – we work with people looking to access compassionate and reliable care for themselves at home
  • Care providers – our nurses and healthcare assistants can bridge care gaps and ensure patient safety until long-term or permanent teams are found

Why choose us for learning disability care?

At Thornbury Nursing, we’re experts in providing learning disability care for people with autism, Down’s syndrome, sensory impairments, and conditions that cause behaviours of distress.

We’re available to support in all locations across England and Wales – including remote places – and can be there at short notice, day and night, seven days a week.

Within our team, we have a designated learning disability clinical lead along with clinical leads who are also registered nurses from various clinical backgrounds. They work closely with individuals, their families, and wider multidisciplinary teams so that the care delivered by Thornbury Nursing is truly tailored to the needs of the person.

Our clinical leads are always in regular contact with our nurses and healthcare assistants to ensure that the care being provided remains stable and consistent.

The cost of learning disability community care

The cost of learning disability care will always depend on your needs. When working with Thornbury Nursing, we will discuss your requirements with you so that we are able to build a care package that is truly tailored to you.

We will always be open about what exactly is involved in the level of care that you need and be completely transparent about our costs.

Learning disability community care case study

A child with learning difficulties was cared for full-time by their mother. Unfortunately, their mother was suddenly taken ill and required hospital admission. We were contacted by their local authority and were able to quickly establish the child’s needs and send a suitable care team over on the same day to care for the child until their mother was discharged. 

A local authority contacted us to provide immediate care provision to a female adult with Autism and extreme behaviours of distress, as her current care provider had withdrawn due to an increase in aggression towards others and damage to property. The same day we were able to implement a core team of nurses and healthcare assistants with the necessary skills to manage these behaviours to keep the client and others as safe as possible. Working with the local authority and Learning Disability team, we were able to stabilise and maintain the care package, greatly reducing the level of incidents. A few months later we assisted the transition to a new longer term provider.

Get in touch

Do you need reliable and trustworthy learning disability support for yourself or a loved one to give you peace of mind? Are you looking for specialist learning disability care that’s safe and reliable? Or perhaps you need support with a care package? Our nurses are experts in learning and intellectual disability care, whatever the situation and whenever you need them.

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