Palliative care

At Thornbury Nursing, our nurses and healthcare assistants deliver palliative care at home for those living across England and Wales.

We regularly support both private clients and public sector representatives. Our experienced nurses and healthcare assistants are available when someone is returning from hospital or a hospice, or when someone needs additional care at home to prevent admission, even at short notice.

Providing palliative care in the home

We regularly provide palliative care to people in their own homes, where they can be surrounded by those that they cherish.

As this time can be incredibly difficult for the whole family, our nurses and healthcare assistants are there to give the physical and emotional support that is needed. We take care of any clinical needs so that families can focus on spending time together.

As palliative care can continue for months or even years, we are able to support people in their own homes for as long as is needed.

Our palliative care services

Whether you need palliative care at short notice, in an emergency or in the future, we’re here whenever you need us to:

  • Deliver complex care, no matter what the complexity
  • Liaise with multidisciplinary teams to ensure continued holistic support
  • Manage breakthrough pain and flare-ups so that clients can remain as comfortable as possible
  • Offer both practical and clinical support as required to help families spend more time at home with their loved ones
  • Provide reassurance to families that their loved ones are receiving the very best care
  • Support rapid discharge from hospital or hospice, so that people can return home safely and at the earliest opportunity
  • Work with families and regularly review care needs.

Our palliative care is always available to you, whatever your requirements. Whether you need four hours, 24 hours a day, or overnight care, we’re ready to support you.

Who we support

We are able to provide palliative care to anyone living anywhere in England and Wales, even in the remotest of locations. These services are available to the NHS, local authorities and private clients.

We are able to deliver a full palliative care service and also provide specialist nurses to work alongside other care providers. So, whether you need round-the-clock clinical support or a few additional hours of support, we’re able to provide care that is truly tailored to you.

What makes our palliative care team different?

Since we began in 1983, Thornbury Nursing has been relied upon to deliver at-home palliative care services across England and Wales. Here’s why:

  • No matter where you live across England and Wales, our nurses and healthcare assistants can provide the palliative care you need
  • We are CQC regulated and have consistently achieved the highest rating for our services
  • We recruit to standards that exceed local regulations and guidelines, meaning our nurses and healthcare assistants provide care to the highest standard
  • Our nurses and healthcare assistants ensure continuity of care from shift to shift
  • We recruit clinical leads who are registered nurses with vast experience and knowledge
  • We can provide palliative care any time, day or night, even if your request is last-minute, unusual, remote, or difficult to cover
  • We provide reliable, bespoke care, perfectly matched to your needs. And we’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every week of the year
  • Contact us at any time and we’ll respond – straight away.

How much does palliative care cost?

Palliative care costs can vary as they depend on your needs and requirements. Here at Thornbury Nursing, we’ll work with you to determine the exact level of care required so that we can build a care plan that is right for you. What’s more, we’ll always provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs.   

Palliative care case study

We were contacted directly by the family of an individual requiring palliative care. They required nursing support to ensure their relative could still enjoy family time. Our client was still keen to retain as much normality to their life as possible and our nurses respected this, ensuring discreet and professional care always. We continued to support this client until they passed away a few months later. The family were extremely grateful for our support and that they were able to spend invaluable time with their loved one knowing that he was in the best hands.

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