Revalidation support

How we support our nurses and midwives

We know that the prospect of revalidation can be daunting, and we’re here to support you as much as we can.

Who is meant to support me?

If you have a permanent employer, they can give you access to appraisals and potential career development opportunities. It’s worth taking advantage of this.

What support does the Thornbury offer?

Every year, we support over 80 nurses with their revalidation

” I am so grateful for the help and support you have given me with revalidation. Linda has been fantastic in supporting me over the last few months.” Maryann

“I want to thank Linda for her support with my reflective discussion and revalidation process. Over the last year, I have consistently been impressed and felt supported by Thornbury Nursing. My sense is that much of the work that goes into TNS’ policies and professional nursing commitments, has led to a place where I love working, and feel thoroughly supported – thank you!” Fiona

“When revalidation was first announced, I had mixed feelings on how it would go. It seemed quite a challenging task. Now that I have been through the process it feels like a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders and this is mainly thanks to Thornbury who were very supportive and understanding throughout the process. I would encourage my fellow nurses to liaise with them for support.” Georgina

“When the introduction of revalidation was first announced I didn’t quite understand what was being asked of me. The requirement seemed confusing and I wasn’t sure what I had to do. After attending some RCN events and liaising with other Thornbury nurses on the Facebook forum, I feel much more confident about the process – the jigsaw puzzle is complete! To my fellow colleagues, the one piece of advice I would give you is not to worry. Make use of the relevant forms provided by NMC on their website and the support from Thornbury. Try to attend the RCN Revalidation events too. It is not as difficult as you may think once you get started.” Susanna

Not sure when you’re due to revalidate?

You can see your revalidation date in your NMC online account. Once you’ve logged in, look in the right-hand corner for your:

  • NMC PIN number
  • Fee expiry date
  • Renewal date – this is your revalidation date

If you don’t have an online account, register here.

Remember – it’s your responsibility

Please make sure you know when you’re due to revalidate and when your portfolio should be completed. We aren’t responsible for telling you this and nor is any other employer or nursing agency. If you drop off the NMC register, it can take up to 3 months for you to be re-registered and able to work again.

If you’re a full-time Thornbury nurse and would like support with your portfolio, please call our Compliance Team.

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