Why choose Thornbury Nursing Services for CQC support?

Benefit from comprehensive CQC support and expert guidance to ensure compliance with Care Quality Commission standards.

With over four decades of experience partnering with healthcare organisations, Thornbury Nursing Services delivers excellence in healthcare consultancy. Our ethos is underpinned by collaboration, industry-leading expertise, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Partnership and collaboration

Through open communication and mutual respect, we co-create tailored strategies that address your unique CQC challenges and organisational aspirations. Our experts will support you in designing and implementing the most effective strategies to achieve your goals.

Evidence-based practice

Our CQC consultancy services are firmly rooted in evidence-based practice. By staying abreast of industry research and trends, we deliver innovative solutions backed by reliable data and proven outcomes.

Holistic approach

With firsthand experience navigating the complexity of healthcare systems, we take a holistic approach to our CQC consultancy services. Beyond clinical processes, we examine organisational culture, leadership dynamics, and patient experience to address the root of your challenges.

Client-centred care

Like the people you care for, your organisation is unique, and so are our solutions. We will take the opportunity to learn about your culture, values and objectives, tailoring our approach to meet you where you are on your CQC journey.

Continuous improvement

Securing an ‘outstanding’ CQC rating is a journey. We foster a continuous improvement culture within our consultancy practice and the organisations we work with. Embracing innovation, learning, and adaptability, secures better outcomes for your people, patients and service users.

What clients say about our service

“Thornbury Nursing Consultancy … offered valuable experience for us to undertake a comprehensive and helpful ‘practice run’ to test our processes and provide support for teams.

The whole process was simple, clear and well-considered. The report has given us a greater awareness of how our service may be perceived in a regulatory inspection and the opportunity to work on areas of focus in time for the real thing.”

Director of Quality Governance, Oakhaven Hospice

“Thornbury Nursing helped us identify areas of our service that need shaping, which will have a positive impact on future care delivery.

The consultants who were involved were knowledgeable and approachable and made staff, clients and patients feel at ease with the process of the audit.”

Registered Manager, Care Provider

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