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Book shifts on your mobile using the Quick Nurse app

Our exclusive app Quick Nurse makes it easy to book shifts and manage your availability.

We understand that you won’t always have time to call us with your availability or to find out when the next shift is available. That’s why we use the latest technology to make life easier for you.

Search for shifts – instantly

In a rush and looking for shifts? At the touch of a button the app automatically checks your location and skills and tells you the most suitable shifts closest to you.

View a home page summary

Keep track of your availability, upcoming shifts, important notices and your NMC shift targets on our new and improved home page.

Receive alerts about shifts

Simply turn on shift notifications and we’ll send you an alert as soon as a suitable shift comes through.

Find shifts wherever you are in the UK

If you’re away from home and would like to pick up extra shifts, you can search for shifts from your current location, wherever you are in the UK.

Automatically add shifts to your device’s calendar

You can use your device’s calendar to manage your availability and shift bookings – so you’ll never double book.

Visit Quick Nurse on any device here:

3,500 nurses use Quick Nurse every day

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