Oliver McGowan training

From 1 July 2022, it was a legal requirement under the Health and Social Care Act 2022 that all health and social care staff must complete training on learning disabilities and autism, appropriate to their role.

Please find a step-by-step guide below on how to enrol onto the relevant training and setting up an account with ELFH.

How to enrol on a course:

  1. Search the course name by either using the search bar or scroll down the list by clicking on the ‘Full catalogue” link. Also the course can be found here.
    Oliver McGowan Training full catalogue link
    Oliver McGowan Training search box
  2. Once you have found the course that you are looking for click on the Enrol button
    Oliver McGowan Training enrol button
  3. You will receive the pop-up shown below; click continue with enrolment
    Oliver McGowan Training enrolment pop up
  4. Once you have enrolled, the course will be accessible to you in “My elearning” section.
    Oliver McGowan Training My elearning link
  5. You do not need to complete the whole course in one go, you can save your progress and return to complete at a later time.

There are two sections that you need to click into:

Oliver McGowan Training main folders
  1. The Oliver McGowan Training which is in 3 sections as shown below:
    Oliver McGowan Training Sections
  2. Downloading and reading the associated handbook
    Oliver McGowan Training handbook link

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How to Register Guide

  1. Click here https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/
  2. Click on the ‘Register / Log in” button at the top of the page
Oliver McGowan Training Register / Log in link
  1. Click on ‘Register’ to create an account
Oliver McGowan Training instructions
  1. Put your email address in – please note it does not need to be work email address
Oliver McGowan Training registration email fields
  1. Click ‘None of the above apply to me’
Oliver McGowan Training About you options
  1. Complete the form illustrated below and click ‘register’
Oliver McGowan Training registration form
  1. This will give you access to free e-learning content
Oliver McGowan Training registration continue button
  1. You will then be sent an activation email. Click on the link to activate your account; remember to note down your username.