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What is a mock CQC inspection?

A mock CQC inspection is when an external team evaluates the quality of the care provided in an organisation. The mock inspection will be very similar to an inspection carried out by the CQC.

We will complete a full review and identify any areas for improvement so that your care team are prepared for your inspection with the CQC.

It is important to be prepared for an inspection at, especially as the CQC has started evaluating evidence and reviewing information more regularly since the introduction of the new single assessment framework. The rating of a service is no longer the sole determining factor for when the next inspection takes place, instead, evidence can trigger an assessment at any time.

Anything substandard found by a CQC inspector during an assessment can negatively impact your overall score, resulting in a downgrading of your CQC rating or, in the worst case, suspension of your service.

The benefits of a mock CQC inspection with Thornbury Nursing Services

With over 40 years of experience in the healthcare sector, we are familiar with the Care Quality Commission and their standards for health and social care providers. Our team has the expertise to offer tailored guidance, so your organisation is ready for your next CQC inspection.

Benefits of a mock CQC inspections include:

  • Receive advice from the experts
  • Improve your services
  • Be prepared
  • Inspire your team with confidence

Find out more about why you should choose Thornbury Nursing to support you in improving or maintaining your CQC rating.

Success stories from our clients

“Thornbury Nursing Consultancy … offered valuable experience for us to undertake a comprehensive and helpful ‘practice run’ to test our processes and provide support for teams.

The whole process was simple, clear and well-considered. The report has given us a greater awareness of how our service may be perceived in a regulatory inspection and the opportunity to work on areas of focus in time for the real thing.”

Director of Quality Governance, Oakhaven Hospice

“Thornbury Nursing helped us identify areas of our service that need shaping, which will have a positive impact on future care delivery.

The consultants who were involved were knowledgeable and approachable and made staff, clients and patients feel at ease with the process of the audit.”

Registered Manager, Care Provider

Frequently asked questions about mock CQC inspections

What is a CQC inspection?

A CQC inspection is like a mock inspection, the only difference is who conducts it and what key questions are assessed throughout. During an inspection, the CQC will assess your service and the outcome of their review will determine your rating.

Inspections ensure that your service complies with the standards of the CQC and that your patients receive the quality of care they deserve. Offering the best care to your service users will ultimately help you to improve or maintain your rating as a health or social care provider.

Join one of our CQC webinars to find out more about what is involved in a CQC inspection.

How to prepare for a CQC inspection

Preparing for your CQC inspection gives you an opportunity to make improvements before you are assessed and helps your team feel ready for questions from inspectors. We recommend conducting a mock inspection ahead of any inspection by the CQC. It is the best way to thoroughly prepare for a real CQC inspection.

If you are not doing a mock inspection, there are a few things you can still do to prepare for a CQC inspection. You should make your team aware that a CQC inspection will be taking place as the inspector may speak to individual staff. If you have any residents who you are responsible for, they should also be made aware of the visit.

Plus, you should make sure all key documents are prepared since they are likely to be reviewed in a CQC inspection. We also advise that you appoint a trusted member of the team to prepare for any questions and to guide the inspection team around your organisation.

How long does a mock CQC inspection take?

Other providers of mock CQC inspections typically assess how long an inspection will take depending on the size of an organisation. Ours are kept at a standard of two days minimum, depending on the type of inspection you request, to ensure that we offer a comprehensive review of your service without disrupting your day-to-day work.

We can review your service against specific quality statements, gather feedback and evaluate how opinions are collected.

When should I conduct a mock CQC inspection?

Depending on your rating, CQC inspections are carried out between 6 months and 5 years. Whether your organisation is rated ‘requires improvement’ or ‘outstanding’ it is important that you take the steps to prepare for your next inspection. However, if your organisaton has a lower rating, we recommend having practice inspections until you are satisfied that your service performs as expected or better.

We advise that you book a mock CQC inspection if you want support improving your practice, if you believe you are due for an inspection or if you want a routine run-through.

What happens after a mock inspection?

Once we have completed our evaluation of the information gathered during the mock CQC inspection, we will review our findings and offer recommendations to make sure you take the right steps to improve your service.

The post-inspection report will highlight specific areas where your service needs improvement and suggest necessary actions, helping you prepare you for a CQC inspection.

If you lack the capacity to implement the suggested improvements, we can help you with tailored consultancy solutions including care plan reviews, staff training and risk register management.

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