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Get inspection-ready with a CQC audit from Thornbury Nursing Services

What is a CQC audit?

A CQC audit is an evaluation of the procedures and documentation in your health and social care service. It looks at various aspects of your organisation and assesses them against the standards set out by the CQC.

Our CQC audits cover a variety of service elements and requirements, including:

  • Care plans: Ensure you are collaborating with patients and looking at their individual needs to offer supported care.
  • CQC compliance: Assess your organisation against the key questions set out by the CQC to identify areas for improvement.
  • Staff development: Conduct a gap analysis of staff training needs and performance to provide with guidance on appraisals and individual learning plans.
  • All aspects of service: Audit your whole service against the standards set by the CQC.

We can tailor our approach for your service to ensure that your staff are confident and offer an exceptional standard of care.

The benefits of a CQC audit with Thornbury Nursing Services

Our team at Thornbury Nursing Services have over 40 years of experience, giving us a unique perspective on health and social care consultancy. We can provide deeper insights into your organisation with our CQC audits to help you excel in your assessment.

Benefits of CQC audits include:

  • Building accountability and transparency
  • Identifying and mitigating risks
  • Highlighting areas of improvement
  • Increasing confidence in your service and staff

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Julie Marshall

Meet our consultant

Julie MarshallConsultancy Business Manager

With over 25 years of experience in the nursing industry and a proven track record in business development and management, Julie brings a wealth of expertise to the Thornbury team.

As Consultancy Business Manager, Julie spearheads our Consultancy Services division, guiding healthcare organisations through the intricacies of Care Quality Commission (CQC) pre-inspection and post-inspection processes.

Her diverse background in nursing, business development, and health and safety management positions her perfectly to provide a holistic and strategic approach to CQC compliance.

Frequently asked questions about CQC audits

Is a pre-inspection CQC audit mandatory?

No, service providers do not have to conduct an internal CQC audit ahead of an inspection. However, any care provider will benefit from performing audits to see where they need to improve before they are inspected by the CQC.

Do you conduct in-person CQC audits?

Yes, our consultants can come on-site to carry out a CQC audit to show you the areas that need developing. From there, we will work with you to support and advise you on how to make improvements.

Do you offer online CQC audits?

Yes, we offer online CQC audits. This can be done through 1-1 video calls, email and digital evidence gathering.

However, there are certain limitations when it comes to our online evaluations since we cannot make a reliable assessment of your service facilities and other aspects of the care you provide for your patients.

Success stories from our clients

“Thornbury Nursing Consultancy … offered valuable experience for us to undertake a comprehensive and helpful ‘practice run’ to test our processes and provide support for teams.

The whole process was simple, clear and well-considered. The report has given us a greater awareness of how our service may be perceived in a regulatory inspection and the opportunity to work on areas of focus in time for the real thing.”

Director of Quality Governance, Oakhaven Hospice

“Thornbury Nursing helped us identify areas of our service that need shaping, which will have a positive impact on future care delivery.

The consultants who were involved were knowledgeable and approachable and made staff, clients and patients feel at ease with the process of the audit.”

Registered Manager, Care Provider

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