10 tips to speed up your agency application

Becoming an agency nurse is a great way to earn extra money and experience different hospitals/environments. In addition, you meet a lot of new people and can work around your own schedule. Here are 10 tips from our recruitment team on how to speed up your application process when registering with a new agency:

Agency application tips

  1. Work experience
    The amount of experience needed can vary depending on the clinical area. Ensure you have at least 6 months experience within the last 2 years. Check out our experience guide.

  2. Documentation folder
    Keep a folder handy with all documents related to your nursing career. As a result, you can quickly access these when requested. In addition, this is useful for your Revalidation. Useful examples could include DBS certificates, qualification/registration evidence, CV, identification documents and letters (e.g. most recent council tax, bank statements, evidence of name changes etc.)

  3. Training and compliance records
    Firstly, many clients require agency workers to adhere to similar/the same standards as the wider Trust. Consequently, keep a record of all training and compliance certificates, competency signoffs, training matrixes etc. Secondly, if you’re leaving a Trust/employer, remember to source confirmation of all courses conducted during your employment.

  4. Occupational health
    Keep a copy of your immunisation records handy. You are entitled to access them and it can be difficult to acquire copies once you’ve left an organisation. GPs will not always have a record. Therefore, requests can sometimes incur additional charges.

  5. Employment contracts
    Keep copies of any offers of employment, contracts or even payslips as these can occasionally be used as evidence of employment if references aren’t forthcoming or difficult to acquire.

  6. DBS
    Join the DBS Update Service if you can. Above all, this will enable potential employers to conduct your DBS check instantly and without charge. However, if you’re already on the update service or you’re completing a new one, ensure all previous names are included on the certificate.

  7. Proof of address
    Check that all proof of address documents are originals. For instance, no online bills/statements. Above all, The Home Office set this as a requirement.

  8. Competency assessment
    All reputable agencies will require applicants to complete a standard online multiple-choice competency assessment. This covers client induction requirements such as fire safety, infection control and applicable drug calculations. can we enhance that reputable agencies make you do it, and that others may ask for even more complex info than ours

  9. References
    Under NHS employer guidelines, references must be provided to cover the previous 3 years work experience, including one from a current employer.

  10. Interviews
    Whilst it may seem a tedious procedure, an interview is an opportunity to sell yourself. Agencies can and will reject people who don’t represent themselves well. Remember, the interview is a formal process and should be treated as such.

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