A Thank You from Thornbury Nursing

It goes without saying that 2020 (and 2021 so far) was an incredibly difficult and challenging year for most people around the world. Everyone can agree that nurses, HCAs and all frontline workers have had to work in extremely difficult environments, regularly putting their own health at risk to perform their jobs and support a surging number of people in need.

Everyone at Thornbury Nursing would like to express our deepest thanks to everyone that worked a shift for us during 2020!

We also have a few individual messages of thanks from the Thornbury Nursing team that we wanted to share. These include some specific examples where nurses and HCAs have shown great dedication and determination in the battle against the challenges that COVID-19 has brought with it.

General Thanks

A message from Riikka S:

There are too many heroic TNS nurses to mention them all by a name. A special Thank you to those nurses who have packed their bags and relocated to another area to work long days or nights! They have stayed away from their friends and family to safeguard their well-being but at the same time put themselves in the frontline to help those most in need.

Thank you for working long hours in the most difficult situations. 

We have shed tears with you listening to your stories from the frontline.

Thank you for moving wards where you are most needed – sometimes having to more 3-4 times per shift.

Thanks you for your hard work and sacrifice!

A thank you to specific nurses and HCAs

A message from Claire C:

We currently have a nurse who is isolating on her own away from home in the hotel she was staying at near the client, due to picking up Covid in a nursing home. She expected to pick it up as so many of the staff have gone off sick and the residents are also unwell with it, yet despite this, she did not go home to protect herself!

I spoke with her yesterday and this morning and she is keeping her spirits up as much as possible with Netflix and Pot noodles (😢) but is really quite poorly. 

This is such an amazing example of brave and selfless behavior!

A message from Sarah W:

I would like to thank Susannah as she has gone above and beyond this last week. She nurse has worked 5 Long days (12 hours shifts) in a row in a care home. 

Some shifts she stayed on for 14 hours and continued to work even when she was tired or aching! She worked in an extremely tough environment. She helped to support the nursing home the best she possibly could and was the Nurse in Charge of Every shift. 

She went above and beyond to help support substantive care staff and agency staff and has also supported the care home manager. I feel as though this nurse deserves to be recognised!

A message from William W:

As we rolled out a key project last year, our internal teams (myself included) were trying to get to grips with the third-party app our workers had to use. One of our HCAs, who lives around the corner from the office, kindly agreed to come to the office in her own time and take a few of us through the app.

This allowed us to get a better understanding of the system and in turn provide a better support service to all our IQVIA workers. It also allowed us to produce a ‘Hints & Tips’ Document to send to everyone.

A message from Robert N:

Two weeks ago, we had a nurse call up and say that his car had been hit parked. Instead of calling in to say that he cannot travel, the worker sorted his car out with insurance and asked for a replacement car. Got that car and still went to shift.

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