Acts of Kindness Wall

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 explores the theme of Kindness, so we asked our nurses and office teams to share acts of kindness they have received and given during the current pandemic.

I was at the petrol station paying for my petrol after a night shift when I realised, I had left my bank card at home and had no any other means of paying. I was 80 miles from home and had no other means of paying. A lovely man came over from the queue and recognised that I was a nurse. He said ‘The job you are doing is greater than the cost of your petrol so I will pay for that.’ I was so touched and cried in front of everyone. He followed me and said, ‘You deserve more than what I have done’. I will be forever grateful to the stranger who saved me that day and made me appreciate my role as a nurse even more.

Nelly TNS Nurse

I was invited to a Facebook Group which consists of members from all over the UK. In this group you make an ‘Amazon Wish list’. Members share their links and it’s your choice if you want to gift or not. Since joining just over a week ago, I have sent over 40 Gifts, to 40 strangers who I have never met before, hoping this will put a little smile on their faces during this uncertain time.


As my family and I are unable to go to the shops, my Sister who is a HCA, does our food shop for us twice a week which is amazing of her. I have also been craving a Costa, so my best friend brought me all the ingredients I needed to make a luxury Chocolate Orange Latte and bought me some flowers too. Such a great person. Really needed with how much I’ve struggled at home during this pandemic!


My neighbour is a single mum and has been through a difficult time recently. She rings me when she feels down, and she always feels better after our chats. This week the lockdown was eased, and I walked over to her gate and we chatted for a while. When I go for a walk, I give her a call so that she comes to the door while I pass by. That has changed how she has felt in the lockdown. I have promised to help plant flowers with her once the government relaxes the rules and she can’t wait!

Sitheni TNS Nurse

I noticed that many of my fellow colleagues have been upset and drained recently. I personally use music to calm me. I have also started making it a habit to visit our nurses’ group and do a Facebook live to shout out everyone, especially those colleagues who are on their own.

Precious, TNS Nurse

Remember while it helps our mental health to give or receive acts of kindness, it is also important to take care of yourself. Check out our blog on self-care.

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