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Monica, Our Nurse of the Year for Wales.

Congratulations Monica, our Nurse of the Year for Wales. We caught up with Monica on her win.

It is a great honour and joy to be nominated Nurse of the Year by Thornbury! Thank you for all the support and kindness.

How long have you been working with Thornbury?

I have been working with Thornbury since 2016. has been a wonderful journey where I have developed and gained confidence with each year.   

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy going to new places, caring and supporting wonderful people. I enjoy meeting new colleagues and being valued as part of their team. I enjoy being able to make a better day for others just by doing my job!

What attracted you to join Thornbury?

I like the flexibility that my job offers me, being able to work when and where I choose. I enjoy the great pay rates as well as the support I receive from Thornbury.

How do you feel about being the Nurse of the year?

It is an amazing honour and a surprise! I will always remember this with joy and it’s a great achievement in my career.                                   

What do you love about being a nurse?

I love caring for people, those going through difficult times or maybe the darkest days of their life. I love putting a smile on their faces. I love supporting and helping them heal and making them feel that they are not alone. I am grateful that I’m able to make a difference. 

Have you learned anything new whilst working during the pandemic?

I have realised the importance of being responsible and protecting the ones around you! By protecting and keeping safe the people around, you protect yourself and your family.  Now more than ever, we need to be kind!

What made you continue to work during the pandemic? 

Working on the frontline has given me comfort to be able to go above and beyond to play my part in helping the world heal! The world is changing and it’s a great feeling to be able to make a difference!


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