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When it comes to payroll administration, there are a lot of components to consider from processing tax codes to calculating the employee’s earnings making payroll a critical part of any business.

Payroll is a key component to any business. We get asked lots of questions about our payroll process and recently asked you what questions you’d like to ask the payroll team. We’ve answered some of the most popular questions below.

How do I submit a timesheet?
Convert your timesheet to a black and white PDF file and email the timesheet document to: We recommend using the Cam Scanner app which you can download from the Apple Play Store here or Google Play Store here.

The most common reasons timesheets get rejected are:

  • Files size is too large – make sure PDFs are under 2mb in size
  • The PDF is not black and white – make sure your PDF is not in colour
  • Receipts are not in the same PDF as the timesheet – make sure when you are scanning receipts they are in the same consecutive PDF as your timesheet

Who should sign my timesheet?
A nurse in charge of the ward must sign your timesheet – an unsigned timesheet will not be paid. If you are working in the community, some clients may be unable to sign a timesheet. Please speak to the community team about this.

How do you claim mileage?
To claim mileage expenses, please complete the mileage section of the timesheet with the postcode of your departure location and the postcode of your shift destination.

Why do payslips break down the payments rather than showing hourly rates?
Holiday Pay is included in your hourly rate and is paid weekly. Thornbury urges all staff to take their agency paid holiday entitlement in full; therefore, we break down payments on your timesheet to clarify your holiday pay.

Does Thornbury use PAYE or umbrella tax system?
Thornbury pay their staff using PAYE tax system, we do not pay via umbrella or Ltd companies.

Does Thornbury offer a pension?
By law in the UK, we must auto-enrol all workers into a workplace pension within 12 weeks of starting work with Thornbury. Also, we are obliged to re-enrol certain workers every three years into the pension scheme (depending on criteria). This law was implemented to help workers stay in a pension scheme to continue saving into a pension. However, you have the choice to opt-out later if you wish.

We’ll enrol you into a pension scheme if you’re:

  • aged at least 22 (but under state pension age)
  • earning more than £10,000 a year (£833 a month or £192 a week)
  • working, or usually working in the UK

Even if you’ve accessed your pension savings, we’re obliged to enrol you if you’re still working for us.

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Can I join the pension scheme?
Although Thornbury will enrol you into a pension scheme if you are at least 22 and earning more than £10,000 a year, you can opt-in if you’re between 16 and 75. Providing you earn £6,240 a year (equal to £520 a month or £120 a week), you won’t automatically be enrolled into a pension scheme, but you have the right to opt-in.

What is the maximum pension contribution Thornbury will make?
At Thornbury, you will be automatically enrolled into the People’s Pension scheme three months after your first payment from us. You will automatically contribute 5% and Thornbury will contribute 3% for the current tax year. You can contribute more of a percentage into the pension scheme; however, Thornbury will stay at 3%.

Will I be paid if I book a shift directly with a ward or client?
To avoid any problems with your payments, shifts must be booked via the Quick Nurse app or the duty desk team and not directly with clients. For example, if the ward asks you to come back the next day, contact the duty desk team while you are with the client and get the client to confirm the shift with the team on the phone. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact your local duty desk team, who will be happy to help. 

Who do I contact if changes are made to my shift?
If your shift is extended, you’re made nurse in charge or even change ward, please call your local duty desk team at the earliest convenience. If changes are not reported, however small, it can delay your payment.

I’m running late, what should I do?
Clients can get worried quickly and its best practice to give us fair notice as soon as possible so your starting time can be updated on your timesheet.

When should I report an issue to payroll?
Please report any issues with your pay ASAP. If you report an issue more than 7 days after you’re paid, we may not be able to resolve this quickly for you. The sooner you report any issues, the sooner we can help.

Who to contact with payroll queries?
You can contact payroll on: or 0345 120 5253

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