Why become a nurse?

Being a nurse is one of the most challenging but rewarding jobs out there. Every nurse has their own story to tell about what motivated them to join the profession. Below, our nurses share their inspiring stories of why they became a nurse.

“I’ve always loved helping and taking care of people. Everyone deserves someone that has patience and takes time to go that extra mile for them, especially when they are at their lowest point. Supporting them with their recovery is very fulfilling for me. I wanted to be that nurse.“ – Phillis

“I had always wanted to be a nurse since I was little. My Dad would call me Dr Murray as I was always trying to fix people. When I was 15, my family moved 200 miles away, which proved difficult and I left school with minimal qualifications. Sadly, my father passed tragically in 2012. I was able to obtain a secondment the same year and I powered through. As a tribute to my Dad, I finally reached my goal and I proudly stood with his photo in my hand on my graduation day/ I’ve never looked back and know I have found my calling. This was cemented last week when I received an email from Thornbury stating I had been nominated Nurse of the Year!” – Kelly

“When I was 5-6 years old, I was with my mother in the doctor’s clinic when I saw a nurse coming down the stairs. She was dressed in a white uniform, had a nursing cap on, and to me, she looked magical, like an angel. I wanted to be like her! Since then, I never changed my mind and I knew that I would love being a nurse. Many people advised me against this, but I stuck with my dream. I still remember that nurse on the stairs, and I have never regretted my determination and decision. She was my inspiration.” – Edyta

“What inspired me to become a nurse was to support and care for my patients’ wellbeing.” – Maria

“My uncle was a burns nurse after WW2; the seed was sown from there. In 1980, I returned from a year abroad working in Australia and had no real prospects. Whilst working in a local training hospital as a Porter-come-domestic, I talked to a practice educator (who were quite frightening beings!) who invited me to the school of nursing to see what it was all about. I signed up there and then! I was not attracted by the uniform, but the collective energy and the 3-year focused plan of continuous training and testing.

I thought, I can do that! It was such a great experience. The level and quality of teaching, both in lectures and on the wards, was second to none. It gave me a sense of purpose that I’d never experienced before, and which has never left me. I practiced for a little over 10 years before embarking on a different career in film, advertising and pursued other areas of studies in higher education. However, in 2015 a career change was needed when the rise of social media meant that the advertising industry collapsed. The prospects of Uber driving or plumbing didn’t really float my boat!

Nursing allowed me to return after being away for over 20 years. I was sponsored through a London teaching hospital and completed a RTP (Return to Practice). Although it was tough to re-embrace a career that doesn’t take prisoners, it has allowed me and is continuously re-guiding me as a human being to keep doing my best. Since returning, I’ve worked in numerous hospitals, acute specialist areas, and (like most) through the worst that COVID had to offer. It’s certainly a rollercoaster, but a brilliant rollercoaster. Long may it roll!” – Keith

If you would like to work as a nurse with Thornbury and take advantage of our industry-leading pay rates and benefits package, please register here.

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