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Working as an agency nurse in Wales

Thornbury Nursing Services is a nursing agency recruiting skilled nurses and midwives for temporary and last-minute positions throughout Wales. We caught up with some of our nurses to hear their thoughts on what it’s like being an agency nurse in Wales – a country steeped in myth and legend with awe-inspiring landscapes.

Luigi’s experience

“I’ve worked as a Thornbury nurse in Wales since 2017. In September 2022, I became a full-time agency nurse with Thornbury because I wanted more flexibility with my job. I like working with Thornbury because they are very professional. It is a pleasure to work for this company.

I have worked in many areas across Wales with Thornbury, including Carmarthen in West Wales and Padarn in North Wales. In my experience, colleagues in Wales are very kind and helpful. My favourite things about Wales are discovering the beautiful countryside, going to the beach and having a break in a typical Welsh pub.”

Vito’s experience

“I’ve been working with Thornbury Nursing for almost three years now. Initially, I was just topping up my full-time hours with some extra agency shifts, however, since November 2022 I decided to become a full-time agency nurse with Thornbury. It’s been the best decision ever so far! I feel so rewarded in terms of flexibility, professionalism and financially. Their registration process is stricter than many other agencies, but this reflects the outstanding quality of nurses enrolled with Thornbury and I’m so proud to be one of them. I’ve tried many nursing agencies during my career and I can definitely say that Thornbury Nursing is the best on the market in terms of professionalism, pay rates and amount of work available.

I mainly work for clients in the West Wales area and I really love every hospital I work in. I would definitely encourage my colleagues to consider working as an agency nurse in Wales. It’s a great opportunity to grow professionally and financially. Also, Wales is a wonderful place to live, surrounded by beaches and nature. My top things to see and do in Wales are:

  • Visit the Pembrokeshire coast (Rhossili, Three Cliff, Tenby, etc.)
  • Eat a Welsh cake
  • Surfing 🏄
  • Lots of walking surrounded by spectacular nature.”

Agency nursing in Wales with Thornbury

If you’re a qualified nurse looking for roles across Wales, with exclusive benefits and high pay rates, you can register online with us today. We’ll expect you to meet our company expectations, but we will be here for you throughout your time with us.

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