How to earn more money as a nurse this summer

The summer months are a great time to take a staycation with family or friends. If you’re a nurse or midwife, you may be wondering how you can earn some extra money during your time off. One option is to pick up agency nursing or midwifery shifts around the country.

If you’re a registered nurse (RN) or midwife, Thornbury Nursing offers the opportunity to pick up shifts anywhere in England or Wales. Use your skills to help care for patients in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings around the country during your holiday. We also have community work available nationwide.

There are many benefits to picking up agency shifts during the summer months. Firstly, you can earn a higher hourly rate than you would if you were working a traditional full-time job. Secondly, you can have more flexibility in your schedule, which can be helpful when traveling. Thirdly, you can travel to different parts of the country and experience new cultures without the worry of sacrificing pay.

If you’re interested in picking up agency nursing or midwifery shifts with Thornbury Nursing, apply to join us today. We recruit a wide variety of specialisms, see the full list here. Once registered, you’ll gain access to our exclusive Quick Nurse platform which allows you to search for and book shifts on the go across England and Wales. Here are just some of the areas we cover:

What our nurses say:

“Thanks to Thornbury, I’ve visited most of the UK. I’ve worked shifts in Cornwall, Wales, in the North, Portsmouth, and beyond. I schedule my shifts with some days off to make a little holiday. My favourite working holiday was in Cornwall. I had a block booking of shifts and, whenever I had a day off, I was going to surfing classes. It was really the best time ever!”Angela, Thornbury RN

“I love to travel around the country and there are shifts in some very nice places like York and Wales – places I’ve never been before and now I can visit them and work at the same time.”Mary, Thornbury RN

“If I’m going away for a weekend and want to book a shift near there, I can quickly do that on Quick Nurse.”Millie, Thornbury RN

“I’m a huge Manchester United fan and working for Thornbury has enabled me to follow my team and watch live matches around the country, and to go on holiday.”Patson, Thornbury RMN

Register with Thornbury

We are looking for exceptional nurses and midwives to join our team. Register with Thornbury to access high rates of pay, paid mileage and support with revalidation.

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